LED Cube

It's an LED cube! Always wanted to build one of these things. I also realized it was about time that I learned how to spin a PCB so I decided to use this project as a way to learn some basic PCB design.

The cube is 8x8x8 blue LEDs. The rows are driven by eight 8-bit parallel registers. A 8x transistor array sinks each layer (common cathode) to turn it on/off.

I also decided to give the Teensy 3.2 microcontroller a go here. It's a departure from my go-to arduino, but worked out really really well. I'm definitely going to consider this uController again in the future.

I've posted here some videos/pics of the final project along with some pics I took in the build process.

The Build

Drilled a little jig to get the spacing right on the LEDs. Time to start soldering.

7 rows down, a shit ton to go...

Finished all of the rows, now starting to stack them up. Made some little spacers out of cardboard to (try to) keep things consistent.

Drilled holes in my base and pulled the wires. Spaghetti!!!

Ok, tidied up the wires a bit.

And here's the bottom with the wiring hooked up to the risers and the column anodes.

Well, it was my first attempt at a PCB layout and of course I have a genuine, certified bodge!