The Etch-A-Sketcher

This system is designed to reproduce images drawn on one etch-a-sketch on another. We use a z80 microprocessor to coordinate the operation. The input device is an etch-a-sketch with 10-turn potentiometers geared to the input knobs. As the user turns the knobs, the potentiometers are turned and subsequently produce a variable output voltage where voltage is proportional to the position of the drawing head on either x or y axes. This voltage is interpreted by 2 A/D converters and is stored in memory as coordinates during the learning phase of operation. Upon a press of the Stop/Reset button, the program iterates through the stored coordinates and produces the necessary output to drive the two stepper motors on the output device. These motors in turn work the knobs on the output device and produce the input image on the output etch-a-sketch.