Idiot Box

Was looking to find a way to do some box making so I decided to put together a little idiot box. The box itself is made of some nice 1/2" cherry. After a good bit of dicking around with my router table sled, I managed to figure out how to convince it to do box joints for me. Definitely happy with how the box turned out.

The machine essentially just does its best to keep the block on top centered. If you slide it one way, a finger will pop out to push it back to center. The slider is also on a motorized slide pot and it randomly wiggles.

I decided to give the Trinket microcontroller a go here. The jury is still out on this thing. The lack of a bootloader makes programming the thing a bit of a pain in the ass. But at $35 for a 6-pack of the things you can't really complain.

I also spun a general purpose motor controller PCB for this project. It has two servo outputs, an H-Bridge, as well as an analog in. I gave surface mount components a go for the first time also here.