Tool Mods

Drill Press

I picked up this el cheapo drill press thinking, "yeah, 8 inch, whatever, it's all good." Let's be honest, for 65 bucks you can't beat it. But, you also can't fit a damn thing under it.

Rigged up a little extension stand out of some 1.5" pipe, seems to work like a champ. Big shout out to this guy for the inspiration.

Plus, the cat really likes it for some reason...

Router Table Attempt 1

I needed to set up a router table to make some deep dados. Threw this thing together out of a bunch of scrap I had sitting around. Got the job done but it's pretty terrifying to use. I think I'll be re-thinking this design.

Router Table Attempt 2

Following up on my last router table attempt, I set up this thing since I needed to make finger joints for some box making. Rigged up this table out of 3/4" ply. The runners on the sled are 1.5" poplar that I waxed up to get rid of as much friction as possible. Pretty pleased with the results, definitely a lot safer than the first attempt. I've Made one box so far and got damn near perfect 1/2" finger joints.